Customised 1:1 Training

Have you ever wanted to create your own personalised yoga training that focuses on your specific interests and needs? Well, now you can! Let’s work together one on one to create your own Continuing Education module.

How will this work? Well, I have a lot of different tools in my toolbox. I’m trained in classical Hatha Yoga, Modern Vinyasa, Yin, and Internal Martial Arts. I have run, jumped, lifted, climbed, and sparred. I have moved my body in some pretty complex ways, rehabilitated several injuries, and understand the complex dynamics of chronic pain because I live with it. I’ve dissected a cadaver and studied anatomy and body reading with Tom Myers, Gil Hedley, Robert Schleip, Lorimer Mosely and other leaders in the field of fascia, neuroscience, movement, and pain science. I’ve studied Yin Yoga, Chakra Meditation, the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita with Paul Grilley.

In my 10 years as a yoga teacher, I’ve created and delivered Yin Yoga Teacher training, including the first Yin Teacher Training in Melbourne. I have co-created and facilitated highly regarded 200 Hour Teacher Trainings for several studios and in recent years have been a guest teacher specialising in performance coaching and integrating yoga philosophy. I also worked with Osteopath Luke Bryan to co-create and deliver Anatomy for Yoga Teachers.

Prior to becoming a full-time yoga teacher, I was an Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker writing, directing, and producing documentary films that focused on how deeply personal stories could draw attention to critical social, economic, and political issues.

All of this means I’m pretty creative and resourceful and I know how to put together cues and sequences to tell a powerful, provocative, and engaging “movement story.” And I can help you do the same.

If you’re a yoga teacher and need the credentials, I'm a registered ERYT 500 and YACEP.

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Here are some examples of what we can explore together:

1. Simplifying the Science

I’ll break down some of the science behind the emerging field of "spatial medicine" and what it all means when you’re teaching yoga or other kinds of mindful movement. You’ll learn how to communicate more clearly with a broader range of clients about strength, flexibility, range of motion, stress, tension, and pain.

2. The Language of Yoga

We’ll break down the role of different kinds of cues and explore when to use what kind of cue. You’ll develop a richer, more descriptive, and more inclusive cueing vocabulary.

3. Telling a Story

Now it’s time to explore beyond set sequences! Consider what you are really trying to communicate through your classes and learn how to organise your postures, refine your cues, and integrate your themes into a class that tells a movement story and helps students feel new ways of being.

These are just examples of what you can design. The exact length and depth of the curriculum is determined by your time, budget, and goals. It starts with a free chat so we can assess what you’re after and come up with a plan.

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