As as muse, I like to get around!

So, I'm always a storyteller but I've taken those storytelling skills and used them in lots of ways.

About the muse



I have over a decade of documentary filmmaking experience in the US and Australia, including an Emmy Award for a short film about the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. My work has been on television, in festivals, and in museums and stadiums. Whatever your story, I can help you tell it.

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Writing and Editing

I have over 20 years of experience as a writer and editor including developing stories and writing scripts for film, writing funding proposals, writing curriculum for teacher training, blogging about exercise science and yoga, writing and editing web content, and book editing for authors. If you need to tell your story and can't find the words, I'm the muse for you!

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I have over a decade of experience creating and facilitating yoga teacher training in Australia and internationally. I have also created high-quality training and onboarding videos. I am passionate about the research and preparation that makes it possible to create and deliver transformative learning experiences. For example, when I started writing anatomy training, I dissected a cadaver so I could feel what I was describing for my students. With many years of experience developing best practices, I am confident I can help you create a great training. If you've already got the training, I can help you deliver it.

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I have spent a lifetime trying to capture what moves me - in words and images. My passion is capturing the moment, whether that's people in the street or the play of light and shadow. If you need images to help tell your story, let's talk.

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